• Creates a Seamless Connection
    between Floors & Walls

    Meets & exceeds environmental health department sanitary code requirements for integral, continuous, monolithic, resinous floors

  • For Utility & Decorative
    Epoxy Flooring Professionals

    Extremely versatile for use with all types of finishes & applications including epoxy quartz & flake, polyurethanes, polyaspartics, polyureas, mma's, cementitious overlays, build-ups & more

  • Creates an Absolutely Beautiful,
    Easy-to-Clean Cove Radius

    Get consistent, uniform, durable & impact-resistant cove base quick & easy every time with 1", 4", 6", & 8" tall x 48" long straight pieces & matching preformed inside & outside corners

  • Forms Monolithic, Seamless
    Containment Systems and Clean Rooms

    Ideal for use in commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, medical, governmental & military facilities on both new construction and restoration projects

  • Faster Installs, Quicker Turnovers,
    Satisfied Customers & Increased Profits

    Reduce labor costs by replacing slow, inconsistent & antiquated hand-troweled methods that cause costly
    slow-downs & delay return to service

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  • Available in
    1", 4", 6" & 8" Heights

    Made from an exclusive lightweight, flexible polymer composite for use with all types of resinous floor coatings.

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  • 1" Cove Base
    Ideal & Correct Shape

    Meets & exceeds environmental health department code requirements for sanitary cove base.

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  • Preformed
    Inside & Outside Corners

    Create beautiful consistency, save valuable time & money, make job turnovers quicker for more profits.

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Get the SpeedCove Advantage...

  • Works with All Resinous Floor Coatings - use with both thin film & high build flooring in all types of finishes including epoxy quartz & flake, polyurethanes, polyaspartics, polyureas, mma's, cementitious overlays, build-ups & more
  • Faster & So Much Easier Than Hand-Troweling - preformed 48" straight pieces & 90º corners eliminate slow & inconsistent manual troweling, plus joint patching is done away from corner edge out in the flat section for speed & ease
  • More Uniform & Consistent - 1" cove radius makes finished floors look absolutely beautiful & easy to clean
  • Less Expensive & More Convenient - no need for expensive & hard-to-find hand-troweling technicians; SpeedCove is simple & fast to install with basic carpentry skills
  • Seamless & Monolithic - when coated with resinous floor finish, SpeedCove creates a seamless, "monolithic," integral water & chemical-proof connection between the floor & wall
  • Cleaner & More Sanitary - our sloped top edge eliminates the standard "L" strip "dirt shelf" & works with all applications
  • Superior Bonding & Design to Competition - our exclusive polyester resin compound bonds extremely well & has been proven for many years; our design features closely follow health department standards eliminating costly re-inspections & call backs
  • Excellent Adhesion to Industrial Coatings/Finishes - the smooth mold skin of the polymer composite is removed to leave a microporous anchor profile like 220-grit sandpaper for maximum bonding ability to all resinous & cementitious coatings
  • Smooth Transition to Floor - QuickSeal Edge™ is angled down to transition smoothly to the floor, form a positive seal, & eliminate most patching ... also adjusts slightly for uneven floors
  • Meets & Exceeds Sanitary Code Requirements - complies with highest code standards for both foreign & domestic; approved by County Environmental Health Departments across the U.S., Canada, Mexico & internationally
  • Adjusts to Bends, Curves & Small Imperfections - flexible polymer composite allows cove base to flex around general bends in wall & floor while bridging over small imperfections for faster installs
  • Much More Sanitary than Tile - when coated with epoxy, SpeedCove forms a uniform, smooth & seamless floor-to-wall joint as opposed to tile grout lines that tend to fill & hold unsanitary matter
  • Extremely Durable - our exclusive lightweight, flexible polymer composite resists impacts & wears beautifully -- won't shrink, warp, dent, rot, or decay
  • Requires Only Simple Tools & Skills - installs with basic carpentry &/or tile skills, tools & adhesives

More SpeedCove Advantages...

Who is Using SpeedCove?   

SpeedCove is used in 10's of thousands of projects including restaurants, supermarkets delis, food processing facilities both commercial & industrial, plus all types of pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, vet clinics, public & private universities, educational & sports facilities, bathrooms, garages, locker rooms, showers, detention facilities & prisons all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia & many other countries -- anywhere there is open food &/or bodily fluids to be contained & easily cleaned.

Here is a very small portion of our entire list of better known establishments & projects where SpeedCove is being used:

The New World Trade Center Building                     Google HQ                                  Vancouver Canucks Stadium
US Federal Mint in San Francisco GoDaddy HQ LAX International Airport
Robert Mondavi Winery UCLA Biotech Labs Hershey's Chocolate Factory
US Forest Service in Lake Tahoe Kraft Foods Marriott Hotels
Yosemite National Park Meijer Stores WalMart Stores
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals IHOP Restaurants Rocky Mountain National Park
America's Cup Yatching 2012Little Marina Green in SF        PetCo & PetSmart Chains Army Corp of Engineers Projects
Pepperdine University Biotech Labs Whole Foods Grocery Stores Toby Keith Bar & Grill
State of Washington D.O.T. My Big Fat Greek Restaurants                  Tilted Kilt Restaurants
Millitary & Government Projects across US  Montana State University Labs Pizza Hut Restaurants




SpeedCove Installation
is Fast & Easy!

All you will need to install SpeedCove is basic carpentry and tile-setting skills and tools. A full-spread of adhesive creates a water- and chemical-proof connection between the wall and floor.

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 SpeedCove Photos -- 
Making Floors Look Fantastic!

Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Educational, Garages, Man Caves and More

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Specify SpeedCove
in your Designs

SpeedCove makes your jobs look  absolutely beautiful by creating a consistent and uniform cove base for use with all resious floor coatings.

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