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Who We Are...

SpeedCove is the original creator, manufacture, supplier and only non-plastic preformed covebase system for the epoxy/resinous floor coatings industry, we started it all.  And since 2002 we've sold over 1.7 million lnft. on 10's of thousands of projects in all 50 states and 17 countries. 

SpeedCove received the Hanley Wood MIP Most Innovative Product Award in 2006 at the World of Concrete Show and the Hanley Wood Reader's Choice Award in 2007. In 2008, we responded to our customer's needs and added 1" and 8" preformed cove base along with bullnose outside 90 degree corners in 4", 6", and 8" heights.

SpeedCove has transformed the industry by making slow, inconsistent, and expensive hand-troweled coving -- no longer the only solution!  It's made specifically for use with all types of resinous floor coatings, cementitious overlays, stains, and even ties in perfectly w/ the very popular polished and sealed floors.  SpeedCove quickly and perfectly creates a consistent cove radius for a continuous, monolithic and seamless connection between the wall and floor that is the exact shape and height the health department requires for an "integral" joint that is both water- and chemical-proof.


SpeedCove is the Fastest, Most Versatile, Best Bonding, and Best looking Product on the Market..

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As the industry leader, our original and superior watertight seal eliminates the potential for cracks & surface failures, while our seamless design stops water, chemicals, insects, bacteria, dirt, debris and cleaning solutions from seeping into the floor-to-wall juncture. SpeedCove works with all types of finishes, and when coated, it makes any floor look absolutely beautiful and perform it's best. Why? because in a room, the eye follows the trim. Even if the walls and floor aren't perfect, a uniform, consistent, and glossy covebase makes it all look fantastic! We help create a smooth, seamless easy-clean floor that looks like a bathtub (if you will) right down to the drain, and is the easiest floor to maintain. SpeedCove Systems have always been a key part of the most sanitary floors available!


Don't be fooled by cheap imitations made of non-stick plastic hidden in fancy polymer terms and cleaver advertising. They have exaggerated design features covered by deceptive gimmicks to hide serious performance flaws and weaknesses. These imitators make theirs product out of "non-stick" plastic similar to 5-gallon buckets. Plastic has a high surface tension, the molecules repel, they don't want to bond to anything. It's a realy bad idea to place a critically weak layer within your flooring system that instead needs to be bonded perminatley, stay together, and be the toughest thing in the room!
These supossed competitors claim to have "advanced technical design features", when all they really are is desperate attempts to get anything to bond to non-stick plastic. Along w/ fancy advertising, it's all just smoke and mirrors to distract from this critical core weakness. Plastic is cheap, however, we all know the saying, "... you get what you pay for..."
These imitators also use inadequate installation standards and methods that don't meet code requirements and make you vulnerable to delamination, peeling, total floor failures, and toxic mold & mildew growth. You don't have to risk delaminations, leaks, job failures, and your good reputation w/ valued customers, get the original proven winner, get the SpeedCove Advantage.


Who is Using SpeedCove? 

SpeedCove has sold over 1 million linear feet on 10's of thousands of jobs in all of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, across 12 foreign countries and continues to expand globally. SpeedCove is used in projects including restaurants, supermarkets, delis, food processing facilities both commercial & industrial, plus all types of pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, vet clinics, public & private universities, educational & sports facilities, bathrooms, garages, locker rooms, showers, detention facilities & prisons all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia & other countries -- anywhere there is open food &/or bodily fluids to be contained & easily cleaned.

Here is a very small portion of our entire list of better known establishments & projects where SpeedCove is being used:

The New World Trade Center Building                     Google HQ                                  Vancouver Canucks Stadium
US Federal Mint in San Francisco GoDaddy HQ LAX International Airport
Robert Mondavi Winery Gallo Winery Hershey's Chocolate Factory
US Forest Service in Lake Tahoe Kraft Foods Marriott Hotels
Yosemite National Park Meijer Stores WalMart Stores
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals IHOP Restaurants Rocky Mountain National Park
America's Cup Yatching 2012Little Marina Green in SF                 PetCo & PetSmart Chains Army Corp of Engineers Projects
Pepperdine University Biotech Labs Whole Foods Grocery Stores Toby Keith Bar & Grill
State of Washington D.O.T. My Big Fat Greek Restaurants                 UCLA Biotech Labs
Millitary & Government Projects across the U.S.  Montana State University Labs Pizza Hut Restaurants


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