SpeedCove Advantages

  • Works with All Resinous Floor Coatings - use with both thin film & high build flooring in all types of finishes including epoxy quartz & flake, polyurethanes, polyaspartics, polyureas, mma's, cementitious overlays, build-ups & more
  • Faster & So Much Easier Than Hand-Troweling - preformed 48" straight pieces & 90º corners eliminate slow & inconsistent manual troweling, plus joint patching is done away from corner edge out in the flat section for speed & ease
  • More Uniform & Consistent - 1" cove radius makes finished floors look absolutely beautiful & easy to clean
  • Less Expensive & More Convenient - no need for expensive & hard-to-find hand-troweling technicians; SpeedCove is simple & fast to install with basic carpentry skills
  • Seamless & Monolithic - when coated with resinous floor finish, SpeedCove creates a seamless, "monolithic," integral water & chemical-proof connection between the floor & wall
  • Cleaner & More Sanitary - our sloped top edge eliminates the standard "L" strip "dirt shelf" & works with all applications
  • Superior Bonding & Design to Competition - our exclusive polyester resin compound bonds extremely well & has been proven for many years; our design features closely follow health department standards eliminating costly re-inspections & call backs
  • Excellent Adhesion to Industrial Coatings/Finishes - the smooth mold skin of the polymer composite is removed to leave a microporous anchor profile like 220-grit sandpaper for maximum bonding ability to all resinous & cementitious coatings
  • Smooth Transition to Floor - QuickSeal Edge™ is angled down to transition smoothly to the floor, form a positive seal, & eliminate most patching ... also adjusts slightly for uneven floors
  • Meets & Exceeds Sanitary Code Requirements - complies with highest code standards for both foreign & domestic; approved by County Environmental Health Departments across the U.S., Canada, Mexico & internationally
  • Adjusts to Bends, Curves & Small Imperfections - flexible polymer composite allows cove base to flex around general bends in wall & floor while bridging over small imperfections for faster installs
  • Much More Sanitary than Tile - when coated with epoxy, SpeedCove forms a uniform, smooth & seamless floor-to-wall joint as opposed to tile grout lines that tend to fill & hold unsanitary matter
  • Extremely Durable - our exclusive lightweight, flexible polymer composite resists impacts & wears beautifully -- won't shrink, warp, dent, rot, or decay
  • Requires Only Simple Tools & Skills - installs with basic carpentry &/or tile skills, tools & adhesives

More SpeedCove Advantages

  • Fit Tight Spots - SpeedCove can easily be installed in many tight spots & places where mechanical troweling cannot be done efficiently or at all (i.e. especially where equipment cannot be moved for floor repair)
  • No Long Delays for Drying Time - product can be masked & coated once adhesive sets
  • Less Job Down Time - means overall project savings
  • Fits Tight in Unsquare Corners - additional 1/4" relief cut in back/bottom of pre-formed corners allows pieces to sit tight even in an unsquare corner & reduces the need for excessive grinding & prep work
  • Compatible with Tile & FRP Walls - base portion is 1/4" thick so it installs flush below tile & FRP channel/termination strip
  • Patch Joints Easily - joint patching is done out in the flat sections, not at the corners for speed & ease
  • Non-toxic & Environmentally Friendly - zero VOC's & utilizes Green manufacturing processes
  • Allows More Competitive Bidding -lower overall cove base costs equal more competitive bidding against alternative flooring options
  • Efficient to Ship & Fast to Install - 48” lengths are an ideal combination for both fast installation & efficient shipping & handling

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