Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy SpeedCove? +

    We are building a nationwide & international distribution network; new people are joining every month. Please contact us for the most current information on a distributor near you and/or technical support at (530) 344-9000 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • What lengths does SpeedCove come in? +

    4", 6", & 8" heights of SpeedCove come in 4-foot lengths. Matching preformed corners are 10" long total (5" in each direction from corner point). 1" high SpeedCove comes in either 4-foot or 12-foot lengths; no 1" corners offered because not needed.
  • Which adhesives should I use with SpeedCove? +

    Please refer to our list of recommended adhesives on our Installation Page.
  • How much adhesive will I need? +

    On the average, you will need about 1 gallon of adhesive for 100 linear feet of 4" SpeedCove or 75 linear feet of 6" SpeedCove -- Adhesive Information.
  • How does SpeedCove compare with hand troweling? +

    Finding an experienced hand troweling technician can be difficult & expensive. Additionally, troweled cove can often look mottled & inconsistent. SpeedCove is very competitve & convenient. It is faster to install, only requires basic carpentry & tile skills, & allows you to control this aspect of your project. SpeedCove creates a beautiful, consistent & uniform cove base every time.
  • Can SpeedCove be used as a stand alone base? +

    No, SpeedCove is NOT like rubber vinyl cove base. It is a substrate that must ALWAYS be coated with a resinous floor coating.
  • What colors does SpeedCove come in? +

    No, SpeedCove is NOT like rubber vinyl cove base that comes in many colors. It is a neutral, cream-colored substrate that must always be coated with a resinous floor coating and that is how your color is achieved.
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