IMPORTANT: SpeedCove should not be installed over FRP, it should only be adhered underneath to the solid wall sub straight. The FRP must be terminated on top of the SpeedCove in the manufacture’s channel strip, and the joint must be sealed water tight with an appropriate adhesive and coated with the finish epoxy; or, a high-grade silicone over the dried epoxy finish.

FRP wall instructions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FRP should be cut off the bottom of all walls, removed, and finished off with the manufacture’s channel strip so the cove base can be mounted below it to the solid wall sub straight. This will insure both more durability for the cove base as it is solidly supported; and, create an overlap joint that will


pic STEP 1. SCRIBE THE FRP WALL W/ BLOCK AND FELT PEN: Using the 4” or 6” high block of plywood, scribe a line with a black permanent pen along the wall sliding the block across the floor. This will give you the correct height off the floor verses snapping a chalk line which doesn’t account for minor highs and lows in the floor.

picSTEP 2. CUT FRP AND REMOVE: Cut the FRP 1/8 inch deep using a 4” grinder with a diamond blade taking the entire line off. A depth gauge for cutting can be made with your scribe block built out to the correct thickness. This will leave FRP about 1/8” to ¼” above the cove base so there is room to adjust the channel strip. Don’t cut deeper than the FRP thickness or wall strength will be compromised.

picSTEP 3. RELEASE LOWER PORTION OF FRP ADHESIVE W/ TOOL: Slide a 5 in 1 tool under the cut and tap w/ hammer to release FRP adhesive along entire bottom of cut so channel can be installed.

picSTEP 4. CUT AND INSTALL CHANNEL STRIPS: Cut horizontal channel strips to fit between vertical channel strips and slide them on from one side to another using a thin putty knife to open it up. Push them up as far as possible for now.

picSTEP 5. INSTALL COVE BASE AND SEAL THE JOINT: Scrape and vacuum the wall and install the cove base to the solid wall sub straight. Slide the horizontal channel strip back down until it touches the top of the cove base. Seal the joint between the top of the cove base and the FRP horizontal plastic channel strip. Use an adhesive that will bond to the plastic strip, and that can be coated with epoxy; or, use a #10 “food grade” silicone over the dry epoxy finish.