SpeedCove Installation Overview

(This is just an overview, please read complete installation instructions before installing. Call or e-mail us at Solid Rock Enterprises for a copy.)

SpeedCove installs easily in 12 simple steps.

1. Bring SpeedCove to room temperature
2. Prepare the floor and wall; scrape or grind high spots so pieces fit snug (if applicable, cut and remove bottom 4, 6 or 8 inches of (FRP) fiber-reinforced wall panels**)
3. Vacuum floor, wall, and SpeedCove pieces
4. Dry fit all pieces without adhesive
5. Cut SpeedCove to size with chop saw, utility knife, or diamond wheel grinder
6. Apply full spread of adheasive to back of SpeedCove, including all butt joints, and a full spread to the floor at base to support & adhear entire coving section. Use enough to eliminate all voids
7. Press all pieces firmly into wall and floor starting with inside corners, pieces can be tacked with a 18 gauge pin nailing gun only where needed
8. Patch joints and transitions
9. Seal top transition watertight to wall
10. Sand patching marks & transitions to hide joints
11. Wipe down with acetone or compatible cleaner
12. Install floor coating, extending seamlessly up walls to cover SpeedCove and joint to wall

* NOTE: Installer is responsible to test all adhesives, patch materials, and coatings for bond strength & compatibility before installation.
** SpeedCove should not be installed over fiber-reinforced panels (FRP) on walls, it should only be directly adhered to the solid wall substrate. FRP must be terminated above the SpeedCove in the FRP manufacturer's J-mold/termination strip; and, the joint must be sealed water tight with an appropriate adhesive and coated with the finish epoxy; or, seal joint with a #10 "food grade" silicone over the dried epoxy finish.